Relationship Education

Relationship education is by no means compulsory prior to tying the knot, but it is sensible. It’s kind of like getting your car serviced before taking off across the Nullarbor, rather than just kicking the tyres and hoping for the best.

Many people feel that counselling or relationship education is only for people who are having problems, experiencing a lot of conflict, or just not for them. If you are in a relationship, chances are you will benefit from relationship education.

The purpose of relationship education is not to fix problems, but to create strategies and understanding between couples to prevent conflict from becoming an issue down the track. Most conflict arises from differing values and opinions. Topics such as finances, how to raise children, and the involvement of your extended family in your lives into the future are some topics which can be covered in relationship education.

It is recommended to undertake a relationship education program three to six months prior to your wedding, before the rush of planning takes over your available time. You’ll also get a chance to process any new information before taking the big step toward marriage.

There are a variety of different types of relationship education programs available. You can get in touch with Relationships Australia to discuss the more traditional options with a survey and some relationship education sessions.

Some other practitioners include:

Jacqui Bohuslav-Andrews is a gifted yoga teacher, based in Castlemaine, who would love to hear from couples preparing for marriage. Jacqui relishes the opportunity to celebrate occasions, and will take you through some yoga as a couple with focus on commitment, love and connection. 

Bernie Monagle - Counsellor based in Kyneton. Phone 0410042706

Glen Hosking - Psychologist based in Prahran

Kaz Mitchell - Counsellor based in Malvern or Skype

Nelly Uhlenkott - Psychotherapy in Carlton or via Skype

Laura Duggan - Gestalt therapist in Melbourne and Ballarat

Jane Tyrrell - Counsellor based in Fairfield

Sapphire Rose Broadway - Sexologist based in Bendigo. Phone 0419 483 150 and Email