Process and Price

What Do I Need To Do Before Getting Married?

The most important things to do first are pick a date and a venue, then decide on your celebrant, photographer and florist. These are the people most likely to book up in advance. Once you have them locked in it’s pretty cruisy from there. Need help finding a venue? I can help. Contact me with information such as number of guests and the general vibe you’re after. I'd love to send you some links for beautiful places.

You’ll need to complete some paperwork with me a minimum of one month before your ceremony. You need to provide three items: photo ID (such as drivers licenses or proof of age card), an original or extract birth certificate and valid passport (expired is fine, canceled is not). If you’ve been married previously you need to provide paperwork (certificate of divorce or death certificate) to show how that marriage came to an end. Same story for any name changes or gender affirmation – I just need to see your most recent legal documents for any changes which have taken place.

If you don’t have these documents handy, it’s no problem. I can help direct you to the places you'll need to get new copies, as long as there’s enough time (sooner is better than later when it comes to paperwork).

You can participate in relationship education before you marry if you wish – see Relationship Education for further information.

What Does It Cost?

Wedding Ceremony – Full Shebang - $900

Includes personally crafted wedding ceremony just for you, use of my cordless PA system (clear and audible for up to 120 people) which can also play music of your choice, all legals taken care of and submitted to Births, Deaths and Marriages. Choice of vows or assistance writing your own, rituals, readings, narrative arc woven through the ceremony of your story. Rehearsal on site. Approximately 15-18 minutes in duration.

Wedding Ceremony – Short n Sweet - $500

Includes lovingly crafted wedding ceremony with many personal elements, use of my cordless PA system (clear and audible for up to 120 people) which can also play music of your choice, all legals taken care of and submitted to Births, Deaths and Marriages. Choice of vows. Approximately 5-8 minutes in duration.

Commitment Ceremony

$850 Full Shebang style minus the legals.
$450 Short n Sweet style minus the legals.

You may decide to have another ceremony after marrying overseas, or perhaps marriage isn’t your thing but your love is worth celebrating in your own way. A commitment ceremony can be a great way to gather your loved ones and celebrate together.

Elopements at Bistro Lola - just you two, or up to eight people. From $465

We’ve teamed up with the legends from the Theatre Royal and Bistro Lola to give you a fantastic, private, delicious and frankly a bit fancy pants elopement experience. You can have everything you would expect in a larger wedding: beautiful space, delicious food, wine and cocktails, wedding cake, music, photographer, ceremony, flowers and even an overnight stay in the BnB behind the screen at the theatre, with some beautiful seasonal arrangements in your room you can take home with you. Breakfast will be delivered to you in the morning and then you’re on your way. Just you two and the most romantic evening ever.

How ace would it be to run away to Castlemaine for a day or two and come home married? We can even supply your two legal witnesses if you like!

Please enquire here for pricing of all our inclusions.

Vow Renewal - $650
Baby Naming Celebration - $650
MCing your Wedding Reception - $650


Travel is charged at $1 per km there and back from my home to the location of the ceremony and/or rehearsal. For example if a wedding is taking place 100 km from my home, the travel cost would be an additional $400 (there and back for rehearsal, there and back for the ceremony).

If the ceremony is within half an hour drive or 60 km (whichever comes first), there is no charge for travel.

For travel interstate please contact me for more information.

Other ceremonies by request, price on application. No GST is applied to my prices. This price list is current to the end of 2019.

If you’re a member of PBS FM I’ll happily apply a 5% discount.

I require a non-refundable deposit of $250 to reserve your ceremony date, with the balance due one month prior to your ceremony. You don’t have to remember anything, I’ll send you invoices you can pay instantly online with a credit or debit card.

I’m also open to discussing bartering. Half of the payment is required as the cashmoneys (or online transfer), because I can’t pay for petrol, shoes or the mortgage with hugs, but if your budget requires we can discuss options. For example, a couple I worked with on their ceremony in 2014 paid for half of their ceremony with a piece of jewellery made by the groom. That piece is now my lucky charm, worn at every ceremony, so that’s pretty lovely. Other bartering I’ve engaged with and would be interested in discussing (both ways) include graphic design, gardening, child care, voiceover work, tattooing, visual artwork, vouchers, etc. Let’s chat!

Do I Have To Include Religion In My Ceremony?

Many people ask this, and the answer is no. Utilising a celebrant means that you can make your ceremony whatever you like. Celebrants are generally secular and specialise in civil unions. 

Where Does The Name Joyful Ceremonies Come From?

Joy is my middle name – mum set me up for life with that one!

Can You Do My Wedding In Auslan (Australian Sign Language)?

If you or your partner communicates with Auslan, or you have guests who sign, I recommend hiring an interpreter for the day of your ceremony – but in the lead up as we plan your wedding we can communicate easily without one.

The reason for requiring an interpreter for the ceremony is that Auslan and English have different grammatical structures, so speaking and signing at the same time is a bit clunky. I want your ceremony to be the best it can be and I can personally recommend interpreters who are brilliant at weddings for your consideration.

Can You Include A Welcome To Country In Our Ceremony?

I am not an Elder, but can certainly help you to get in touch with the right people in the place you are marrying to request an official Welcome to Country.

I love to include an acknowledgement of the Traditional Owners of the land the ceremony is taking place on as a mark of respect. I’ve officiated at some brilliant ceremonies where the couple made contact with local Elders who participated in their wedding day with smoking ceremonies and traditional dance. 

Can We Have A Surprise Wedding?

Absolutely! As long as the two people getting married know what's up, we can surprise the heck out of everyone gathered at your party when you get hitched. I'm happy to jump out of a cake or hide in a cupboard as required. I can bring my crochet with me or my crosswords for the hiding time. 

How Many Hairstyles Do You Have Anyway?

I know. There are as many different styles as there are photos on this website. I'll check with you to make sure I don't clash with your vision on the day if I'm doing anything outrageous!

Jenny, Can You Marry Yourself?

This one I get asked a lot at parties! Oddly enough – even though my partner and I are both celebrants, we opted to work with another celebrant friend of ours to get us hitched. Also it wasn’t legal in 2014 for two ladies to marry each other in Australia, but mainly we were just really excited about outsourcing to experts.

Getting married showed me the other side of the process – there sure are lots of details to take care of! I learned that wedding providers are generally really great at what they do – they’ve been there and done that many times over, and at the same time have the respect and love for your individual occasion. It was a real pleasure sitting back and enjoying everything they did.