There is no limit to the type of celebration or gathering Joyful Ceremonies can facilitate.



I am thrilled to at long last be able to offer a legal wedding service to all couples, regardless of the combination of their genders. I’ll arrange all the paperwork required by the government to cement your marriage in the eyes of the law, one step at a time. When you think about it, the wedding ceremony is the part of the day when you are the most still with your partner. The rest of the day can be a bit of a whirlwind – everyone says it goes by in the blink of an eye – so it’s important to get the ceremony just right. My background in broadcasting has given me a sound skill base in listening and effective interviewing. This helps me to really understand what you want for your ceremony and how to execute it in a way everyone can enjoy and feel a part of.



Do you just want to get it done, without the stress of event management, but still want to do something a bit special? I’ve teamed up with the folks at Bistro Lola at Castlemaine’s Theatre Royal to offer you a beautiful experience. Imagine a private booth, signature cocktail or mocktail, delicious five course meal and wedding cake for two made just for you, incorporating your favourite flavours.

The music you’ve chosen is playing and I join you for a few moments to say the things that need to be said, you both say the things you need to say to make it all legal, and we can supply your two legal witnesses (or you can bring along two confidantes!) We all sign your certificate of marriage and you’re legally hitched! Then if you’d like to stay the night, you only have a few steps to retire to your exclusive BnB accommodation behind the screen of the theatre where you’ll find a bottle of Prosecco and some gorgeous seasonal floral arrangements from Queen of Stems. Breakfast is brought to you in the morning and you can head home: newly, easily, privately and cheekily married.

Contact me for more information and all the different packages and dates available for your elopement.


Renewal Of Vows

I’d love to help you celebrate a milestone by creating a ceremony to commemorate your time together. It’s incredible to look at your original vows and see how much you’ve grown, how your perspective has broadened and with getting to know one another more deeply with each passing year. I can help you by facilitating a ceremony that carries you through into the future together, revisiting those great moments from the day you wed and adding in some new elements to bring it all together.


Naming Celebrations

The arrival of a new family member heralds significant and limitless change and impact on parents, guardians and close community members. A naming ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to gather and officially give a child a name, welcoming them whilst gathering in celebration and love.

You may like to appoint a Godparent, Fairy Godmother or Father, Official Cool Auntie or Uncle, or Co-Parent through ceremony, plant a tree in honour of the new arrival, or anything else you have in mind.

It would be my pleasure to create a meaningful and memorable occasion to celebrate your newest addition.



The possibilities are endless.

Would you like to name your boat, welcome a new pet, clear your new home of past energies, celebrate coming-of-age, hold a graduation celebration, blend two families into one in a harmonious way, celebrate a new beginning after a divorce while acknowledging and setting the past free, honour a number of years together through an anniversary ceremony or anything else? Contact Joyful Ceremonies for more information.